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PVC Supports for raised flooring

This type of PVC supports have been used to realize raised flooring , especially flat roof or technical rooms ( to permit the passage of cables or the installation of machinery).

The best system to keep the raised floor easy to inspect is using PVC SUPPORTS  , so it will not be necessary any demolition.

PVC Supports for raised flooring PVC Supports STANDARD

The standard PVC SUPPORT for raised flooring allow to lay any Màttoli's tiles in any surface keeping as many easy inspections without expensive demolitions.

The PVC SUPPORT  has to be put on terrazzo tiles edges , even it is 15 mm ca high (fixed height) , it can be easily fitted with different PVC supports ( we suggested some thick supports) in order to have a perfect planar "floating" floor or it can be put on top other double heights, if necessary.

On the outward part in contact with floor there are printed 4 separeted parts of 5 mm thickness that can be easily cut for wall or column coverings.

The standard PVC SUPPORT could have been supplied in 150-pieces sacks.


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