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Choosing, proposing and working the natural stone is an art that requires knowledge, experience and deep sensitivity to natural elements.
Mattoli, with a long tradition gained since 1923 in the field of coatings for the construction industry, presents the timeless charm of marble and granite that, chosen and worked in harmonious correspondence with the surrounding habitat, expresses his natural physical energy and a seductive aesthetic value.

Designs, shapes and colors that nature offers in infinite varieties of lights.
The MARBLE, the GRANITE, the STONE have represented the most prestigious, comfortable and rational solution for building and furnishing components.
Their technical characteristics ensure that they last to even the most severe use, their beauty stays unchaged and always fashionable over the years.

Mattoli has been working worldwide MARBLE, GRANITE and STONE for generations: this great experience has enabled the achievement of production on an industrial large-scale, based on the application of most advanced techniques.

Our materials come from the best Italian quarries and from many countries all over the world, they are supplied in a never-ending range of colors and they are cut and finished to satisfy even the most demanding requirements for flooring, cladding, stairs, thresholds and for any other architectural inquiry.

Some years ago we have included in our range of products a number of QUARTZ BASED AGGLOMERATES available in many colors. These products are increasingly and  widely used for kitchen countertops , bathroom , furnishings in public places or, finally, as tiles or coatings in replacement of natural products. The main feature they have been preferred over the other natural stones is the lack of absorbency.


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