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The Mattoli INDOOR terrazzo tiles are representative of the best Italian products available for flooring all types of interiors, due to their characteristics of resistance to wear and chromatic harmony.

The INDOOR tiles are composed of two layers:
1) TOP LAYER - visible (approx. 15 mm.) composed of marble and/or granite elements of the finest quality, selected from the hardest and best italian materials, bound with pure, highly resistant, coloured ultra-cement.
2) UNDER LAYER - reinforcing backing (approx. 20 mm. for size cm.40x40 or approx. 10 mm. for size cm. 25x25) made up of selected sands and highly resistant Portland cement.

The solidity and the quality of the conglomerate are guaranteed by powerful vibration, high level pressing and machining by the latest fully automated tooling.

Usually the material is provided already honed (semi-finished) and then, after beeing laid, it has to be honed again, filled and lead polished on site like marble.
Waterproof substances and wax are recommended to maintain a perfect floor.


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