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Due to its excellent resistance to wear, Mattoli's QUARTZ TERRAZZO TILES are the ideal flooring for any kind of industrial plants, workshops, chemical industries, stores, warehouse, garages.
QUARTZ TERRAZZO TILES resist to high mechanical stresses of compression, shock and bending and are also not very permeable to water, are resistant to frost and oil, are dust preventive and has excellent grip to be trasported and installed in vehicles.

The QUARTZ TERRAZZO TILES are composed of two layers:
1) TOP LAYER - visible (approx. 15 mm.) composed mainly of Quartz micro-chips bound with highly resistant Portland cement.
2) UNDER LAYER - reinforcing backing (approx. 10 mm.) composed of selected sands and highly resistant Portland cement.

Flooring made with Mattoli's QUARTZ TERRAZZO TILES, compared to those "cast on site", is easier to lay and maintain, it is not subject to damage or cracks for expansion and it is much more simple to replace if demolition is required , in order to get some technological improvements.

The QUARTZ TERRAZZO TILES series are available both raw (QUA-GR) and honed (QUA-LE) in size from 25x25 cm.


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